24, 25, 26 October 2013, Taiwan

Organizer: Taiwan RC Slope Glider Association

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World Cup Competition
F3F 2013




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      Longpan, Kenting, which is located at the southern tip of Taiwan, is a huge area of lawn & hanging cliff that is about 100 meters above sea level. Each October, with the seasonal north-easterly wind at the speed between 10-22 m/s, F3F comp at the site became a must. Many pilots from Hong Kong and Taiwan have flown sub 30”rounds during these comps here.
      The ideal site for the last stop of World Cup 2013, “showdown in Taiwan.”

The Contest:

      The contest will be conducted according to FAI rules for F3F slope soaring
      FAI Sport Code, Section 4, Volume F3 Radio Control Soaring Model Aircraft
      2012 edition
      Each pilot is allowed to register three models for the contest. The organizer will try to run as many rounds as possible. If more than three rounds were flown the lowest round score of each competitor will be discarded and the others added to obtain the final score which will determine his position in the final classification. If more than fourteen rounds were flown, the two lowest round scores will be discarded. The awards are for individuals. There will be an award for the best run and team awards.

Contest Director: Mr. Bravo Lin


Wednesday October 23th -

      Arrival               Practice day
      12:00 ~ 17:00    Processing and registration

Thursday October 24th -

      08:00 ~ 08:30    Pilot briefing
      09:00 ~ 17:00    Day 1, Round

Friday October 25th -

      09:00 ~ 17:00    Day 2, Round

Saturday October 26th -

      09:00 ~ 15:00    Day 3, Round
      18:00 ~ 20:00    Prize Giving

Pilot briefing will generally be carried out 5 minutes prior to the contest at the flying site each morning.

The Slope - Kenting Lungpan

      Longpan is a huge area of grassland & hanging cliff that stretches to the horizon. On its east side is the Pacific Ocean. This area is made of coral reef cliff, and there are limestone caves underneath the red topsoil. It's the best place for you to enjoy the sunrise, the sunset, the afterglow and the starry night sky.
      The venue of the contest is Lungpan, Kenting which is located at the southern tip of Taiwan. The flying site is 105 meters above sea level with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. For more information, please see Google Maps or Google Street View
Kenting Lungpan coordinates: ( 21°55'40.99" N , 120°50'45.13" E ) or ( 21.928053 N , 120.845869 E )

The Weather

      According to Taiwan Central Weather Bureau meteorological record, the average temperature in October at Kenting is 25 degree Celsius and the average wind speed is 10~20 m/s northeast, the most favorable condition for F3F.

The Prizes

      Trophies, special prizes sponsored by r/c manufacturers.
      Champion: To be announced
      1st Runner-up: To be announced
      2nd Runner-up: To be announced
      Best Run: To be announced
      Team Award: To be announced (Three man team)


      Please arrange your flight to arrive at Kaohsiung International Airport - KHH. We recommend overseas pilots to stay in this hotel for logistics reason. We have arranged group discount for pilots.
      Kenting Hooyai Hotel ( Chinese web page / English web page )
      Address: No. 1180, Heng Kong Rd., Heng-chun, Pingtung County, Taiwan
      TEL: (886-8) 8896589
      FAX: (886-8) 8892404
      Order form
      Email: agina@hooyai.com.tw

      How to get there? , How to get there? Kenting Hooyai Hotel ( Google Map )
      The route from Kaohsiung International Airport to the hotel is about 96 kilometers or 60 miles,
      the trip takes about 2.5 hours.
      There's no direct bus in between. The options for pilots are:
  1. Rental car (Recommend) - CARPLUS. Introduction , Location. Special discount will be offered at about US$100 per day for a van. CARPLUS order form. Please Email to CARPLUS Email: siaogang@car-plus.com.tw
  2. Taxi is about NT$ 3,500 ( US$ 125 ), fits only 2 with gliders and other personal belongings.


      Bulletin 1 - URL link
      Registration Entry Form - URL link
      Pilot List - URL link

      Registration Entry Form should be completed, signed, stamped & returned via E-mail.
      Please send with Subject - F3F World Cup - Lung Pung F3F - (Your Name) to
      Steve Chang : stevegigijoe@yahoo.com.tw
      Michael Lee : lee.wtm@gmail.com